What is an escape room?
No idea, but I think we found a definition HERE

Well, if you are too lazy to click, we explain to you:
It's a life-size escape room that is played in teams of 2 to 5 people.
Your team will be locked in a room and you will have to find a way out by solving puzzles, searching, performing actions and trials.

You will be assisted by a “Game Master” who will see and hear you via cameras and microphones.

Deep Inside is an ultra-immersive Escape Room. 

When we wanted to expand our bookstore, we discovered access to an underground city hidden 30 meters below the streets of Paris.

Kept secret for years, this city called “The City of Martyrs” is no longer so.
It is said that at the time, the poor, the sick and serious criminals did not have the means to live in Paris.
Together, they built an underground Paris, hidden and unknown to all. Everything that was not possible above became possible below...

Apparently still inhabited, we organize descents for the bravest who would like to try an expedition.

Two rooms are currently available:
The funhouse and the Magician of Paris.

the Funhouse is intense in terms of fear, it is not recommended for people under 16, people with heart problems, pregnant women and epileptics. 


The magician of Paris is not a scary room.
It is playable from 12 years old, some passages can be scary depending on the sensitivity of each. 

The total adventure lasts approximately 1h30. 
Here there is no chrono or record, the goal is to offer you a real experience and not a race.

Our prices are adapted according to the number of players and the hour of play.

They start from 24€/player. 

No, payment is to be made online via credit card on our website.
Only supplements related to the addition of a player are payable in cash on site.

Cancellation is possible 14 days before your session in the form of a postponement as a gift voucher.

A session postponement is possible up to 7 days before your session. 

7 days before, no refund or delay is possible.

Yes, Deep Inside is finally fully playable in English.
Audio, videos, documents, everything has been carefully translated to accommodate English-speaking players.


Yes, if the total number of players does not exceed the limited number of the room.

-6 players maximum for the magician of Paris.

-6 players maximum for the Funhouse.

It is best to notify by phone or email before the session. 

The difference will be payable on site when arriving before the start of your session.

It's up to you to find someone to take their place, no refund can be made.

Of course, the minimum age to play is 12 years old always accompanied by an adult during the session.

The Magicien de Paris room is suitable for all ages.
Funhouse is strongly discouraged for children under 16.

Magician of Paris : 2 to 6 players max.

Funhouse : 2 to 6 players max. 

The ideal team to make the most of our adventures is made up of 4 players.

Our adventures are designed for groups of 2 to 6 players.

In order to reach the City of Martyrs, you will have to take an elevator. This is the only enclosed space in which you will remain locked.


Yes, you can use our sets to shoot Youtube video, clip, film, series, documentary, photo shoot…. Meeting on this page.

Yes, click HERE to buy a gift card valid for 18 months.

We are located at 7 Quai de la Seine in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. 
(In front of the MK2 cinema, at the bassin de la villette)
The nearest metro: Stalingrad exit n°6 (Bassin de la Villette) at 40m.
Velib station available just opposite.
Scooter and car parking on the street.

Company information is available at this page.

We have a page completely dedicated to this category, it is HERE.

Ritual is our next experience that will be offered every full moon night. 
A compendium of immersive theatre, ordeals and horrific experiences within the city of the Martyrs. Enter your email address at this page in order to be informed of the first reservations.

Deep Inside is suitable for people with reduced mobility (For the magician of Paris only)

We ask that you always have at least one participant without a physical disability on the team.

Yes, all our items in the store are real products that you will be able to buy before or after your adventure.