2 to 6 PLAYERS


+/- 70 MINUTES


The Magician of Paris

Magicians have the mission to surprise us with their great spectacular illusions, this is the case of the well-known Magicien de Paris.
During the day, he performs exceptional tricks, but when he returns to his creative studio, he practices much more experimental magic...
His latest creation is rather disturbing as it turns out to be powerful. If no one tries to steal it from him, he could cause a lot of damage.
You will have to be as creative as him to succeed in lifting the veil on this too well-kept secret.

deep-inside-escape-game-paris-19-The Magician of Paris


This highly interactive and immersive adventure contains the presence of comedians, loud sound effects, intense visual effects and variable light levels. 
Any breach or non-compliance with the posted safety instructions may result in serious injury or expulsion from the premises.

People with the following conditions cannot experience the adventure:

🚫 Medical sensitivity to strobe effects.
🚫 Medical sensitivity to smoke effects.
🚫 Fear of closed spaces.
🚫 Recent surgery or other conditions likely to be aggravated by the adventure.
🚫 Pregnant women.
🚫 Epilepsy disorders.
🚫 Drunk situation.

To make the most of the adventure, we advise you to follow the following recommendations: 

✅ Plan a comfortable outfit so that you can be free of your gestures and movements.
✅ Avoid high-heeled shoes as well as clothes such as skirts and dresses.

⚠️ The room is accessible to people with mobility issues (wheelchair, crutches, plaster) but also to blind or hard of hearing people.

📵 Phones, photos and videos not allowed.

🚷 From 12 years old.

No refund can be made in the event of non-compliance with these warnings.