The drama of the Laroche family

Ephemeral experience - Extensions until January 07, 2024


The drama of the Laroche family

Ephemeral experience - Extensions until January 07, 2024




2 to 5 PLAYERS



The case

December 25, 1994, Christmas celebrations are in full swing in the very poor and strange Laroche family.

22:56 p.m. It was at this precise time that the tragedy took place. The time the Laroche family lost their lives. Screams resounded throughout the City of Martyrs that evening. No one dared to intervene.
The father of the Laroche family had just massacred his wife, his son and his daughter on Christmas Eve.

What happened that evening? Why did Laroche kill his entire family?
It's up to you to investigate and find the answer to this still unsolved matter.



It's about a adventure interactive and immersive, close to a video game.
The adventure contains voice actors, loud sound effects, intense visual effects and varying light levels. 

Any breach or non-compliance with the safety instructions below may result in serious injury or expulsion from the premises.

People with the following conditions should not: can't experience the adventure:

🚫 Medical sensitivity to strobe effects.
🚫 Medical sensitivity to the effects of smoke.
🚫 Fear of closed spaces.
🚫 Recent surgery or other conditions likely to be aggravated by the adventure.
🚫 Pregnant women.
🚫 Epilepsy disorders.
🚫 Intoxicated situation.
🚫No one who doesn't want to be touched.
🚫No one not comfortable with roleplay and interaction.
🚫TRIGGER WARNING : Blood, pornography, murders, vulgarity.

To make the most of the adventure, we advise you to follow the following recommendations: 

✅ Plan a comfortable and risk-free outfit in order to be free in your gestures and movements, but also because you may be dirty or slightly wet.
✅ prohibited from wearing heeled shoes as well as clothing such as skirts and dresses.

📣⚠️ For better immersion, the ideal number of players is 3 to 4 players. 

⚠️ The experience is not not available people with mobility problems (wheelchair, crutches, cast) or vision problems (blind or visually impaired)
⚠️ The experience is only available in French. 

📵 Phones, photos and videos not allowed.

🚷Prohibited for under-18s.

No refund cannot be carried out in the event of non-compliance with these warnings.


Opening of new slots on December 8 at 12:00 p.m.



Massacre at Christmas is an immersive experience that aims to immerse you in a disturbing horror story.

You will not have to solve puzzles to advance in the adventure but you will have to perform actions, flee, hide and try to understand what happened on Christmas Eve 1994.

This is closer to the mechanics of a horror video game.

The story and action takes place in the City of Martyrs and tells the story of a family who decided to take refuge in this underground city. However, no direct link with the Palace of Horror and the Magician of Paris. 

This adventure is interactive, you will possibly be touched by actors. However, we are against violence and humiliation, if a person touches you there will be no violence.

You risk taking narrow passages and wandering through dirty places. We recommend that you come with outfits that can be soiled without fear of damaging them. (shoes too) You won't get soaked or covered in dirt when you get out, don't worry. 

The price is single, regardless of the number of participants at the price of €189.

No, everything must be paid online on the website.

After purchasing a session, no cancellation, no refund and no travel will be possible.

No, this ephemeral adventure has not been translated into English.


Yes, if the total number of players does not exceed the limited number of 5 players maximum.

YES. The adventure is prohibited for minors under 18 years of age because it contains visual elements not suitable for minors. 

Any minor present for a session will be refused access and will not be refunded. 

In order to reach the City of Martyrs, you will have to take an elevator. Other enclosed areas may be used. We therefore strongly advise against the experience. 

We are located at 7 Quai de la Seine in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. 
(In front of the MK2 cinema, at the bassin de la villette)
The nearest metro: Stalingrad exit n°6 (Bassin de la Villette) at 40m.
Velib station available just opposite.
Scooter and car parking on the street.

This experience is not accessible to people with mobility issues (wheelchair, crutches, cast) and to people suffering from illnesses likely to be aggravated by the experience. 

Yes, the experience is fleeting but we exceptionally add additional dates!

It will permanently close its doors on January 07, 2024. (For good this time) This is your last and only chance to come and experience this adventure.