The City of Martyrs

The City of Martyrs

La bookstore Deep Inside was opened decades ago. It is a small independent Parisian bookstore, and above all a family business.

Today, it is run by Paul, but the bookstore also employs a few booksellers and resellers, who give Paul a hand in running it.

One day, while doing expansion work in the bookstore, Paul decouvrit a hole in the ground hidden behind an old wall. It looked quite deep and Paul was very intrigued as to what was hiding at the bottom. 

He decided to organize a descent as a reminder for explore it… he arrived in long corridors of wet stones, he thought he had arrived in the catacombs, but not. After researching it was not the catacombs as they happen to be a few meters higher. It was there that he discovered the City of the Martyrs, 30 meters underground!

A secret access was hiding in his library for years and no one knew about it. Some accesses are accessible, but they are unknown, a small handful of people know the exact addresses. Sometimes via manholes, others via old cellars of old buildings... The City of Martyrs is not mapped so it is very difficult to know where the accesses are to get there and to this day , we do not know how far it extends.

Paul, following this discovery, built a Elevator de service to be able to get there more easily.

Since  1er July 2021, it regularly organizes descents in the City of Martyrs. Indeed, the rumor of this discovery spread, and Paul decided to make a small hidden business out of it, to compensate for the impossibility of enlarging the bookstore.

This city underground has been created there is several hundreds years by people who had trouble finding their place in society: the poor, the sick, the mad, artists, criminals... Some came to live there to give themselves a second chance, others installed to carry out malicious projects. Some posters font mention an governor who would rule over this City but Paul did not find more information on this subject.

Reign in the City of the Martyrs a rather gloomy, dark and very mysterious atmosphere. There is not much light, the streets are foggy, damp and dusty.

It is however a real city, with many very narrow streets, houses, shops. 

Many diseases have developed, and the population has gradually emptied. But today, the City of Martyrs is still inhabited by a few outcasts… they call themselves the Martyrs and are the guardians of this secret heritage.

To be continued…