Welcome to your
new job

Welcome to your
new job

Deep Inside, the chosen escape game brand 20th best in the world.

Deep Inside, the chosen escape game brand 20th best in the world.

Join our team of Game Masters / Actors, iembody characters and
make moments live extraordinary to thousands of players.
Open from 10 a.m. to midnight every day of the year, discover the hidden magic
behind the walls of our little Parisian bookshop…

We are looking for Game Masters M/F:

  • In contract
  • Weekend contract 12h or 16h/week
  • Part-time contract between 18 p.m. and 30 p.m. per week
  • As a self-employed person

    With availability in the evenings, weekends, school holidays and public holidays


  • Welcome players and provide them with a briefing
  • play characters
  • Manage the rhythm of a gaming session
  • Give relevant hints to players when needed
  • Handling the game room management console
  • Ensure a debrief with the players
  • Tidy up playrooms
  • Perform simple manipulations on the reservation schedule
  • Manage receipts
  • Carry out simple maintenance or repair operations (in the event of an urgent technical problem) under the supervision of a manager
  • Ensure the maintenance and cleaning of the game rooms and the sign in general

Profile and expected qualities:

  • To be dynamic
  • Have a very good level of English (essential because Deep Inside welcomes many international players)
  • Enthusiastic and Smiling
  • Be determined and have the ability to manage the routine
  • Have good elocution and oral fluency
  • Be tactful
  • Have an ability to adapt to different types of customers (groups with children, late groups, dissipated groups, novices, experienced, team building, etc.)
  • Have an excellent ability to manage stress and unforeseen situations
  • Be very conscientious, rigorous and be able to respect procedures
  • Be very punctual
  • Have a fun culture: escape games, immersive experiences, puzzle games

    The big pluses:
  • Have already played escape games and in particular one of our rooms (or both)
  • Taste for DIY and / or electronics


Auto entrepreneur :



Hourly minimum wage + 50% of transport costs covered

Send us your CV to:

Send us your CV to:

In your email, tell us about yourself: A little personal presentation, your passions, what relationship you have with entertainment, your favorite escape game rooms...
Please also indicate in your email which contract you are looking for and/or your availability.