An unprecedented activity in the heart of Paris between employees?

Explore an abandoned Funhouse or break into the mythical Magicien de Paris,
30 meters below the surface, anyone?

Enter with your colleagues in La cité des Martyrs, this mysterious labyrinth buried under Paris for decades.

More than an escape game, Deep Inside offers you a unique incredible adventure in the heart of the capital. Perfect for strengthening cohesion and communication within your team, this ultra-immersive adventure will be the surprising idea for a Team-Building!

Located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, Deep Inside will make every effort to offer you the most personalized and original team-building experience of the moment. Our 300m2 room is currently made up of 2 Escape Game rooms, each of which can accommodate up to 5 people for "The Palace of Horror" and 6 people for "The Magician of Paris". We can therefore accommodate 11 people simultaneously. 

We can add other options such as a behind-the-scenes tour of the brand with the history of its creation or even exclusive photo shoots in the City of Martyrs.

How is a service organised?

During the estimate, you choose which theme among the 2 proposed:

  • The Funhouse (Horror theme room, fear)
  • The Magician of Paris (Magic theme room, all public)

Then, on D-Day, for a reservation at 17 p.m. for example:

17 p.m.: Arrival at our premises, presentation of the brand and personalized briefing.
17:15 p.m.: Start of the games in the halls.
18:15 p.m.: End of the game, debriefing with the team and delivery of the original souvenir photo.


Send us a message with your needs, your questions and our team will answer you as soon as possible: